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Karmic Stones Seemingly Inappropriate collection (they say what you really want to say).

Adorable Mermaid pillows from Coffee and Sass - customize however you want and the quality is terrific.

Seriously these Blue Q socks are the funniest ever  - and comfortable! So many different versions and styles. has lots of different super cute notebook designs (and more!). Great for gifts.
LOVE these Tone-y Bands for some extra resistance when working out, especially on the treadmill. Choose your size, weight and color!

These Undercover Quinoa bites are delicious, super light and crispy.

These chewy Barnana snacks come in several flavors, including chocolate(!).

For all you GF peeps, these Gluten Free Bites also comes in a variety of flavors and are totally yummy and satisfyingly filling.

This is Trader Joe's signature seasoning and it's as addictive as crack. You can literally put it on everything. I buy 2 at a time.

The perfect sandal and so versatile - can go with jeans or a gown. Comes in lots of different colors and heel heights.

Current favorite bag.

Love these Joie skinny cargo pants - so comfy I have them in 3 colors.
Vince sweaters are the best. So plush and they last for years. And perfect for working from home (wink, wink).

Literally obsessed with this Lancome Juicy Tubes lipgloss. It's the perfect consistency and perfect hint of glossy color.

I love this site for it's prices, low-cost shipping and speedy delivery. It's always the first place I look for rollerballs, spray bottles and more.

This site is huge and has an extensive selection of anything you might need for DIY ideas or any business-related materials.

This is where I got certified to become a Certified Aromatherapist and I loved this program! If you are considering getting certified, I highly recommend it!

#ChangeTheWorld - Reducing Poverty Through Essential Oils

The biggest reason I love doTERRA is because their essential oils and products are absolutely amazing - they have completely changed my life. But what I also love is the way the company is changing lives across the world, primarily in poverty-stricken countries, by giving opportunity where none existed before. All companies should have hearts and minds as ...

FREE Essential Oils & Emotions FB Class!

Learn how to handle and support your emotions with the help of essential oils! This go-at-your-own-pace FB class is for you if you need to relax, de-stress, get motivated, cheer up and more! Plus, some of my absolute FAVORITE blends will be spotlighted! Just click here to get access! Jess xo

How Developers are Jumping on the Aroma Bandwagon

It's no surprise that everyone wants their homes to smell nice, but now some condos and rental buildings are taking this idea to a whole new level! "Infusing lobbies, hallways and fitness centers with fragrances" - even pumping it in through the building's ductwork. Think you'd pay more for this? Aroma: The New Building Amenity

FREE Essential Oils & Weight Management FB Class!

Learn how to support your weight goals with essential oils! I'm hosting a go-at-your-own-pace Facebook class, and it will be up throughout the weekend for you. Click here to check it out! Jess xo

Essential Oils in Hospitals

I know we all generally think about essential oils as basically the polar opposite of what goes on in hospitals, but the use of EOs is becoming increasingly more common these days. Here's a recent article I came across about a new aromatherapy program happening at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. For anyone not convinced about the benef...

The Amazing Health Benefits of a Processed-Free Lifestyle

If you or anyone you know is diabetic, you should read this! My grandfather had diabetes and someone close to me was recently diagnosed as "pre-diabetic" and we all know that diabetes and obesity are everywhere in our country. This woman is a hero - she lost weight through a processed-free diet and is now helping others to do the same to help reduce rising...