Top 5 Reasons I Love My dōTERRA® Business...

 I first learned about dōTERRA® when I was divorced with two young kids, searching for a way to help manage stress at home and at work. Sound familiar? I was a network news TV producer running daily live news shows, and between the crazy hours and trying to do the mom thing, I desperately needed a way to decompress, relax, sleep better and just generally stay calm amidst the chaos. Maybe you can relate.

My sister was using dōTERRA, and she and my mom convinced me to try an essential oil to improve my sleep. I was SO skeptical (my dad's a doctor!), but when it worked, I moved on to my headaches and migraines, which were a regular occurance. That success then led to new and natural solutions for dealing with allergies and overall wellness in our home. I had never believed in or tried to find alternatives to traditional options, but I didn't really love running to the drugstore for every little thing that came up for myself and the kids. I honestly couldn't believe how well the dōTERRA essential oils and products worked, but there was simply no denying the results!

​​​​​​​Over time, I found myself turning to the oils more and more, for basically everything that was going on - stomachaches, growing pains, allergies, headaches, sore muscles, stress, anxiety and more. I started learning more about essential oils and natural remedies. I found easy and effective solutions to our everyday issues, and even the kids learned how to use them! We see and feel noticeable differences within minutes because dōTERRA's oils are the highest quality on the market. I've seen the sourcing and testing with my own eyes and that knowledge has allowed me to partner with dōTERRA and build a business for myself. And now I'm a part of a huge community that's passionate about finding and using the best natural solutions for their home and families. dōTERRA® completely changed my life and I can't imagine it any other way.
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Healthy Lifestyle

For years,  I dealt with major stress and chronic headaches. I just figured it was normal for any working mom with a big job, especially one who was navigating the crazy pace of New York City. When I started using dōTERRA's oils, I honestly couldn't believe how well they worked. I mean, come on! Essential oils?? But I was so glad I could deal with these things without needing over-the-counter drugs all. the. time. I know it's hard to imagine that a few drops of something can actually be effective on real health and wellness issues, but they can! And I don't have to worry about any kind of downside at all - no side effects, no addictions, no added chemicals. Knowledge is power, and once you know, you will be amazed and excited that you can handle things effectively AND naturally!

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Natural Solutions Provider

I admit, I never set out to find natural options or to reduce the toxins in my home. I just went with what I found on drugstore shelves and whatever the doctors prescribed. But now I can see how frustrating it can be - are you fed up with the limited options we're given by health care providers, and with all the household products loaded with chemicals? Me too! Plus, all of those things don't even always seem to do the job! When I started using dōTERRA, I saw how easy it can be. Whether it's focus and memory help, an scratchy throat, digestive issues, head or muscles tension or so many other things...I have totally found solutions I know I can count on!

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Pure, High-Quality Oils

All essential oils are NOT created equal. There are a lot of different types of oils on the market. It can be overwhelming to choose which are the best for your family, not to mention, do you even have the time? Well I've done the research, I've visited the farms where the oils are sourced and distilled and I've been in the labs where the testing is conducted. I know firsthand that dōTERRA's pure, high quality, optimally-sourced oils are what set them apart from their competitors. They go through rigorous testing to ensure that they create a standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG), which is verified by independent third-party labs. You can even enter the lot number on any bottle into the Source to You website and see the test results of that batch for yourself!

There's nothing better than dōTERRA® when it comes to naturally taking care of your health and the health of those you love. Let's talk and you can try a FREE sample of dōTERRA® oils today!

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dōTERRA® Gives Me Financial Independence

When I started using dōTERRA, I slowly started seeing the shift in the world around me. More and more people were sick and tired of being sick and tired, plus they wanted to know how to integrate more natural solutions into their lives. I didn't initially realize how many people would be interested in learning about the changes we were making. Sharing remedies and personal stories on social media was easy and natural because people were so excited to learn more. Before I knew it, I started adding people as customers and to my team. I have the privilege of working with over 30,000 people all around the world. My small business is not so small anymore!

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Community Support

When you become a dōTERRA® wellness advocate, you join over five million people around the world that are striving to live a healthy lifestyle. There are so many resources and leaders you can turn to for education and knowledge, but joining the right team for you will allow you to grow your business in a way you could never imagine. I would love to help you on your journey and share everything I've learned over the years!

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If you'd like to be part of a tribe that is excited every day to live a healthy, natural, lifestyle then you're in the right place. With tens of thousands of team members, we love to share, learn, and grow together...and we love to have fun! Are you ready to join us?

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When you’re a slightly frazzled working mom of two children (who sleep when they feel like it and not one second more), you have people often telling you to “breathe.” Sound advice, but what is more helpful is to have someone tell you *what* to breathe. My chance meeting with Jessica has been pure serendipity of the best kind. She has gotten me back into a routine of self care by hand-picking blends that have helped with stress management, sleep, and focus at work. She’s like a zen ninja who listens to my issues and sends back recommendations that are spot on (every.single.time.). I’ve extended the use to my children as well (ages 6 and 3), serving as a reset button during meltdowns and helping them wind down for bed. Can’t recommend her enough.


Being able to work with Jessica side by side for the last 4 years has been amazing! Her positive and creative approach with her team, customers and business in outreaching to help people with their health is unparalleled. She has helped me immensely to move my business forward with her clear communication style. Jessica is the one you want to choose to partner with when creating a healthy lifestyle business while having fun along the way!


Jessica is a HUGE selling point when I'm talking about this business with anyone. Jessica is an amazing resource of information and our biggest cheerleader - she is smart, strategic, understanding and amazing. We have so many trainings and resources (FB groups, weekly calls, done-for-you presentations, email sequences, etc) that it's literally a no-brainer. There is a super easy, clear path to follow to be successful in this business. There is no real competition, no pressure, it's all fun and positive and uplifting. It's okay to go at your own pace and build on your own schedule and there are resources for whatever level you want to be at. Jessica's team is the best!!!


customer & biz Reviews

With Jessica you are getting the support and patience you need, with the edge, speed and get-it-done attitude of a New Yorker. I always feel Jessica's full commitment to me in our conversations, and I doubt that other teams have the support and dedication in a person like Jessica.
​​​​​​​- Gladys H.

Jessica is positive, accessible and supportive. I can reach her and that's a big deal for me. Jessica responds to texts and takes calls. I love that she is genuinely excited when we talk on the phone and that she leads by example.
​​​​​​​Stacy M.

Jessica is vibrant, honest, upbeat, friendly and resoundingly positive, and her energy for what she does is palpable. She truly cares about what she does and the people she works with. I would think anyone can help you set up a dōTERRA account or even business, and give you the basics you need to get started in this line of work. She sets a great example as a businesswoman and as a busy mom of how to manage her time and her life, and always holds herself to the highest standards.
​​​​​​​- Valerie G.

In addition to these personal testimonials, I'm also proud to have been featured in/on: New York 1 News, HuffPost, The Reset, Best Company, Lucky Vitamin, Living the Second Act, Thrive Global, dōTERRA Leadership Magazine, and Acquisition International's Business Excellence Awards as Most Inspirational Fashion and Beauty Blogger 2020