The Best Oils for Your Daily Commute

Let's face it, there's usually not that much to look forward to during your commute. From standing on hot subway/train platforms or sweltering bus stops to crowded public transportation and all the pushing and shoving that comes along with it, it can definitely suck. I've had times where the public transportation I'm taking has been so delayed that it causes major backups and overcrowding to the point that I can't even get on! Needless to say, that creates unwanted stress first thing in the morning, as well as all the unsanitary conditions once on board.

But, lucky for you, there are some great essential oils that can actually help you start and end your day in a much more civilized manner, and I shared them recently in this segment on a morning TV show here in NYC, where we know a thing or two about overcrowded, public commuting.

- Peppermint essential oil will keep you cool on hot days like today (and this week!). Rub one drop in your hands and place them on the back of your neck for about 30 seconds. You will get a cooling sensation that lasts for a while! I also love to use a Peppermint rollerball on the insides of my elbows, back of my knees and back of neck. Perfect for those hot subway or train platforms and bus stops.
- Peppermint will also help with nausea or motion sickness. You can breathe it in directly from the bottle, or put one drop in your palms (as Pat does in this TV segment!) and breathe it in to get the benefits of settling your stomach and queasiness.

- OnGuard Immunity Blend is great to keep germs and bacteria at bay. We didn't have time to talk about it in the TV segment, but I love the Hand Sanitizing Mist over other hand sanitizers because it’s all natural and smells great. You can use either the mist or a drop of the oil in your hands after holding on the bars in subways and buses to keep yourself clean!
- OnGuard is also fantastic for flights - you can use it to clean off your tray table or even put a drop on a cotton ball and wipe down the air vent over your seat. Then the air that blows out is a little cleaner and healthier.

- Balance Grounding Blend and Serenity Restful Blend are both great to help keep you calm in annoying, chaotic commuting situations. We’ve all been there - delayed buses and trains, trains so crowded you can’t even fit or are so tightly packed you can’t stand it.
- Put a drop of Balance or Serenity on the bottoms of your feet before you leave in the mornings, or on your chest or wrists - even inhaling a drop from your palms. You can literally feel it take the edge off. Excellent for when you’re ready to hurt the person next to you after the pushing and shoving trying to get on the subway or bus.

These are my hacks for subway survival. Which ones do you like to use?

Jess xo

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