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Ok, so one of the most common questions I get when people want more info on how to use essentials oils is, “how do I know what I need?” Well, my friends, there’s actually a pretty easy answer, and I generally go one of two ways.

One is, let’s start with whatever it is that made you think about using oils in the first place. I mean, duh. If you’re telling me that you are overstressed, anxious and don’t sleep well, or that you have terrible migraines, or chronic digestive issues, or post-gym soreness, or even just a blister, well, let’s start there, shall we? If there is a specific issue that you (or your kid, or your spouse, or your friend) happen to be dealing with, there’s an oil, or a combination of oils, that will give you the help, support or relief that you’re looking for. I’m not even kidding when I tell people there’s an oil for everything.

But some people don’t think there’s anything specific that needs to be addressed - they just kind of like the idea of essential oils, and sort of want to figure out how to get started. And for those people, I break out the iTOVi. What is an iTOVi and how does it work, you ask? Oh just wait.

This is my most favorite essential oil tool because it actually scans your body and tells you what oils you have a reaction to personally. It uses bioimpedence to measure electrical frequencies in your body, and matches them up to the frequencies of the oils. This helps you to know what will get your body back to an optimal state.

Yeah, it may sound a little techy, and it is, but everyone and everything has their own level of frequencies. And bioimpedence is the science behind things like fitness trackers and some medical devices. If you need to hear more about that process, here’s a quick video, or you can Google it. The scan itself literally takes about a minute and then generates a personal report with the suggested oils for you and what those oils are good for. So remember that person who wanted to know what they needed to start using essential oils, but didn’t have any specific ailment they wanted to address? Voila. This iTOVi report tells us exactly where they can start.

And for all the other people out there – even those like yours truly, who already use oils every day – this is an awesome way to know what else you could be using to help feel better! I obviously have a routine of what I’m using daily in the morning, throughout the day and at night (and if you’re curious, lmk and I’ll share in another blog post), but I still hear people talk about how they live and die for certain oils that I’ve never tried. Well wouldn’t you know it, once I started doing my iTOVi scans, it gave me the perfect reason to try a bunch of new things that have since become regular favorites.

Oh, and for those of you thinking “yeah right, this all sounds like BS”, let me share this. I have purposely scanned myself and my kids at times when there was definitely an issue going on, just to see what the results were going to be. I mean, who wouldn’t? When I had gotten some kind of awful stomach bug or possibly even food poisoning, the recommendations were about my digestive system. When my son’s allergies were really bad and acting up, most of his recommendations were things to support it. So yeah, I'm going to keep using it because what it recommends is spot on.  (And use code ia17 to get $40 off the Choice plan or free shipping through midnight Aug 31! Click here for my link. You’re welcome.)

Have you ever been scanned, or want to be scanned? If you live in the NYC area, let me know if you’d like to try!

Jess xo

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