My New Frontier - CranioSacral Therapy

So for almost two years now, I've had something wrong with my jaw.  It came on gradually, in the form of a clicking sound when I chew.  Honestly, for a long time, I didn't think anyone else could actually hear it - I thought only I could hear the sound in my own head.  But then, in a very short period of time, both my dad and husband said something to me about it, and I was totally shocked that everyone could hear it! 

I went to the dentist and he suggested seeing a TMJ expert, which I did.  Unfortunately, I was told I have loose ligaments in my jaw, which resulted in this increasingly annoying clicking sound.  The good news is I wasn't in pain, per se, the bad news is that I was becoming extremely paranoid whenever I would eat.  The doctor explained the goal was simply to prevent it from becoming any worse, as I guess it was too far along to actually make it get better.  I got a ridiculously expensive mouthguard and went on my way.

On vacation a short while later, I accidentally discovered craniosacral therapy.  What is that, you ask?  Well, I don't really know.  Seriously.  When I saw it on the spa menu of our hotel, I laughed.  The description did mention that it was great for headaches and TMJ issues, but also said you wear loose-fitting clothes, so I knew it wasn't a real massage.  I asked my husband, "who would choose that over an actual massage??"  Well, a couple of days later I had such a terrible migraine that I told him I needed whatever that headache massage treatment was.  I went in.  I wore loose fitting clothes.  I laid on the table and the woman barely touched me.  She lightly manipulated my neck and shoulders and ran her hands down my back a few times.  When she was done, not only was the headache gone, but for the first time in more than a year, my jaw felt aligned.  My teeth lined up the way they should and it was such an overwhelming feeling (since it hadn't been that way in so long) that I actually started to cry.  And I went back the next day to have it again.  I could not believe the result!

Needless to say, when I got home and went back to the doctor, I told him about what had happened and asked if there were any places he could "prescribe" for me to go to for this craniosacral therapy.  I was now completely obsessed.  Fortunately, he recommended I continue this treatment at a place in the Flatiron district of NYC, called KIMA.  It has now become my happy place.  I go twice a week to Donna, and I cannot even adequately describe how amazing it is.  Sometimes it is extremely uncomfortable, verging on painful.  But even then, it hurts so good, you know?  Because I know that enduring it means I will feel relieved and aligned when it's over.  

I implore anyone out there that suffers from any type of jaw issues, headaches or migraines or chronic back or neck pain to try this out.  It sound so hippy dippy, but so did my essential oils initially, and look at me now.  I would never have tried this out had it not been for an unfortunate migraine, but now I simply don't think I could live without it.

Have you ever tried craniosacral therapy?  I'd love to hear your experience!!

Jess xo

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Melissa | The Cork Board Blog

Aug 24, 2017 07:30 PM EST

I've tried a lot of holistic modalities and have been curious about this one. I have a friend who does it. You may have pushed me over the edge to try. I wear a mouth splint at night to keep me from clenching and to keep my jaw aligned. It has helped but I'm so intrigued by craniosacral work. I've also heard it's good for PTSD which our whole family has :(

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