Toning Up with Tone-y-Bands

Isn’t part of enjoying any activity having cool stuff that can make it more fun? Well, in the case of working out, that cool stuff includes cute, colorful weights. Am I right? So in the name of helping you all, I recently bought these arm weights called Tone-y-Bands, to test drive them and see if they’re really worth it (and yes, I paid for them!).

The first thing I loved, obviously, was the fact that they come in pink. I mean, come ON, people! What’s cuter than that? And the second thing I loved was the fact that they come in different sizes, so that people with super small wrists (like moi) can torture – ahem, I mean enjoy, themselves, too. And for any of you crazies out there that wouldn’t want them in pink, yes, they come in a variety of colors, including white, black, blue and purple. There’s a color for everyone.

I was psyched when they came and I’ve actually been kind of loving them. The silicone they’re made of is totally comfy, as well as odor and water-proof. So you won’t stink them up after a sweaty workout. The different sizes mean they come in different weights, as well – from 1 pound sets to 2 pound sets. And no matter what, you can easily remove the weighted pegs to make it perfect for you.

You can use them to tone up during any type of workout, or just wear them out walking/running around for a little extra oomph. I’m trying to work on some serious definition in my quest for “Madonna arms”, so these are a great addition to my routine. And if you want 10% off, here’s my link so you can try them yourself!

I’d love to hear what you think!

Jess xo

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