What I Learned from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

I love makeup.  Like I can spend hours at a beauty counter or even a drugstore just perusing the shelves and finding a million things I never realized that I need right now.  I’m just not so great at the application part, and unfortunately with makeup, that’s kind of all that counts.  I happen to be a gigantic Bobbi Brown admirer and have been ever since the launch of her then-revolutionary lipstick line 25 years ago (I know, I’m dating myself), so when I was offered the chance to go to a makeup lesson with Bobbi Brown herself, I was beside myself with excitement!  Here’s what I learned.

Everyone needs concealer

But not everyone needs to look like you can scrape the makeup off and see it under your fingernails.  The amazing thing about Bobbi is that even while she’s literally giving a makeup lesson, presumably to sell her products, she’s talking about how less is more.  So if you don’t need concealer/foundation all over your face, then don’t buy it.  And just because your best friend may use something she raves about, it doesn’t mean it’s the right shade or even the right formula for you.  Bobbi creates her concealers with more of a yellow undertone, which camouflages things like pesky dark circles and helps brighten you up right where you need it.  And while her brushes are awesome, she uses her fingers, so that totally means we can, too.

No one needs contouring

Just stop.  It doesn’t look natural.  Maybe it looks cool in the professionally photoshopped pictures you see in magazines, but there’s nothing good about seeing the different shades of contour on someone’s face up close and personal.  And there’s nothing more refreshing than hearing Bobbi Brown herself saying that no one is good enough to make it look good!  (I mean, if you ask me, I’d say she’s probably good enough to make it look good, but I’m too happy knowing she doesn’t get why it’s done at all.)

Blush is everything

Bobbi is so sweet and sincere when she says she sees the beauty in every woman – I guess you have to in her line of business – but something really resonated with me when she said that blush can make everyone prettier.  So true, right?  I’d been using a bronzing powder instead of blush for almost a year, but after having a bright pop of cream blush applied (with fingers, no less), I haven’t looked back.  It literally makes all the difference in the world, and when it’s on, you can see why.

Your lips should look like your lips

The initial launch of Bobbi’s empire was with a handful of lipsticks designed to actually match people’s lips.  And obviously she hit a nerve somewhere, because today her brand is the number one makeup-artist line founded by a woman, sold in over 60 countries.  So clearly women worldwide see the beauty in Bobbi’s natural beauty philosophy.  She recommends finding a lipstick that matches your lips but is just a shade brighter.

Confidence and comfort are key

You can wear all the makeup you want, but if you don’t feel good about yourself somewhere inside, then you still won’t feel good about yourself all dolled up.  Bobbi says that feeling comfortable in your own skin is most important, and makeup should just be used to enhance.  She laughed as she talked about how when she goes out with her husband, she always does her makeup in the car on the way.  In five minutes.  Now I’d bet that a tiny bit of her confidence comes from the fact that she’s a world-renowned makeup artist, and I don’t think me doing my makeup in the car in five minutes will generate the same results, but the message was clear.  Be Who You Are.  Which, by the way, is also her new campaign.  Naturally.

Check out some of my absolute faves!

Jess xo

P.S. My best attempt at a selfie after this master class.


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