Happy Healthy Chickpea Snack


I saw this delicious-looking roasted chickpea recipe by Holley Grainger and just had to try it.  I love chickpeas anytime, anywhere, so it was clear this snack was meant for me.  It’s basically just regular roasted chickpeas, and then flavored one of three ways.  Super simple – even I could do it!

The flavor suggestions on Holly’s site were Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan Rosemary and Chili Lime.  All sound delicious, but I admit I still haven’t made the Buffalo yet – that’s next on my list.

Roasting the chickpeas is so easy, but give yourself about an hour and half to complete this, because the initial roasting process is at least 45 minutes.  All you need is some EVOO and some kosher salt and stick them in the oven.

chickpeas 4

While they’re roasting, you can mix up the ingredients for one of the tasty flavors.  And literally, all you do is mix the few ingredients together and then mix the chickpeas in it when they’re finished roasting.

chickpeas 1 chickpeas 5

You can stick them back in for a few minutes to help the toppings stick better, and voila!

chickpeas 3

Garlic Parmesan Rosemary on the left, Chili Lime on the right!

What’s your favorite quick & easy snack recipe?

Jess xo


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