Calming the Kids

There’s a reason my kids have bedtimes, and it’s not entirely just so they get enough sleep.  It’s also so that I can have some time to relax and decompress in the evenings, after being up to my ears in homework, dinnertime, arguing, yelling, showers…you get the point.  So I was not amused when my 12 year-old son came into the living room a few nights ago at 9:35pm (his bedtime is 9:45pm) as hyper as could be.

He literally came jumping into the living room, as if he had an imaginary jump rope.  He’s trying to talk to me as he’s jumping.  “Mom (jump), mom (jump, jump), I can’t (jump) calm down (jump jump).”  OMG.  I could feel my own heart start pounding.  I gotta get this kind into bed in 10 minutes!  Truth be told, I wasn’t 100% sure if he was really anxious about something or if he was just kind of bored, but with so little time before I could FINALLY relax myself, it didn’t really matter.  I headed straight for the oils.

I took out an essential oil grounding blend and had him sit down, which surprisingly, he was willing to do without a fight.  I had him put two drops in his palms and rub them together, cup his face and inhale deeply several times.  After this, I had him put a few drops on the soles of his feet, and then I rubbed a couple of drops on his back.

Jake handJake feet

This took all of about one minute.  I then gently rested my hands on his shoulders, while he took a few more deep breaths.  I could actually see and feel his body relax, and his shoulders dropped.  Within three minutes, he had completely calmed down – no more jumping and he was talking normally.  Even better than that, he got up and started heading toward his room for bed.  Victory!

It really is that easy, people.  The magic of essential oils is something you can literally watch before your very eyes.  And all it takes is a few drops.

What do you use to calm your kids?

Jess xo

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Jan 27, 2017 08:13 AM EST

This is a great idea to get kids out of their heads and into a little world of comfort. Our family uses homemade essential oil pillow mists before our head hits the pillow. Thanks for the post!

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