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Alright, it’s been almost 6 weeks since our very first training session, and I’m still in it.  That’s pretty huge, people.  Not only am I still in it, but I’m still (kind of sort of) having fun with it, and still proactively looking for new ways to do it.  Thus bringing my daughter with me as my accountability partner (above).   So far it’s been limited to personal training sessions and FlyBarre classes, but finding yoga, pilates and meditation classes are also on my mental agenda.

I’m not one to take before pictures, so you won’t see my progress in that way, and at this point I’m not even sure that I look any different.  Did I happen to mention I was thin when I started? And that my motivation/goal was not to actually lose weight?  Apologies to people that get pissed hearing this – it just is what it is.  I’m not overweight, never have been, hopefully never will be.  I have my own problem areas, everyone does.  Mine are my muffin top and back fat.  Everything comes back to my muffin top and back fat.  Yeah, I’m thin, but if I could just flatten my abs and not have rolls hanging over and under my bra…

So I’m really trying!  In fact, I actually motivated from the Upper West Side down to Flatiron today just to take a class!  Yes, I was officially one of those people on the subway in full on workout gear with a heavy coat.  I’ve always wondered about those people.  Now I’m morphing into one.  

Anyway, here’s what I’m learning and loving so far:

1) Working out these days does not mean sweating your ass off.  Did you know that?  When did that change?  My vision of meaningful exercise has always been someone dripping with sweat on some kind of cardio machine.  Even though I’m not a huge sweater, when I have gotten on a treadmill in the past, I’m usually “glowing” when I get off.  And I definitely always needed to shower immediately afterwards.  These days my workouts seem to be more focused on strength training and core muscles and squats and lifting light-ish weights until I can barely lift my arms anymore.  But the great news is that I’m not a sweaty pig when I’m done, so I can actually do errands or other tasks.  It’s amazing when going to the gym doesn’t mean a 2-3 hours chunk of your day because you have to shower and re-do your hair.

2) Getting new workout clothes totally makes a difference.  I mean, I guess technically my workouts would be the same, and in theory my muscles would be doing the same things.  But feeling like I’m in a cute exercise outfit (especially in a class surrounded by other people in cute outfits) is a total psychological pick-me-up.  And seriously, you don’t have to spend a fortune – I just got a ton of awesome stuff from Nordstrom Rack, some pieces for less than $20!  Just look at some of these cute options!

3) Working your muscles to a state of total fatigue actually feels pretty good.  I’m soooo tired, but in a good way.  In a productive way.  Like I’ve done something today that actually made a difference, and hopefully by continuing to do it, I’ll actually end up seeing some real results.  And be able to use my arms. 4) I can, a little teeny bit, keep up better than before!  You know when you’re in a class and it seems like everyone can do every move without too much effort, and somehow they don’t even need to take any breaks?  Yeah, that’s not me.  I’m the other one.  I’m the one you want to be next to so you feel better about yourself.  But I can tell now that when I’m in my training sessions, I'm using heavier weights for more reps, and I’m somehow able to do it.  And in the classes I take, sometimes I’m not the absolute worst one!  Sometimes other people have to take breaks too, and sometimes I’m still going!  It's small, but it’s something.  Progress, baby, progress. 

I have high ambitions for the results I would like by the holidays, but I don’t want to jinx myself by putting too much pressure on myself and therefore sabotaging what seems to be a good thing right now.  But maybe, just maybe, you’ll see a photo showing off results at some point this holiday season.

Jess xo

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