And just to be up front right now...

There's no obligation or minimum order ever. EVER. You can buy one thing or you can buy stuff every month. And even with a wholesale account, 
there are still never, ever any requirements to order as a customer. 

It's simple to get started, and the wholesale account is sort of like shopping at Costco. Pay $35 and get wholesale prices (25% off) anything and everything. 
All year long.

Step 1.
First look at the options for Enrollment Kits, which are just more bang for your buck.  Like if you go to a cosmetics counter and they're having a special 
where they've bundled some products together for a better price than if you bought them á la carte.  Plus, the $35 fee is waived with these kits.  It's very 
possible that what you want to buy may already be assembled in a kit, so it's worth checking them out.  I can also help you decide what works best for you so 
you get the best value.

You can also browse around in the Shop tab of my online store, but just keep in mind that the higher prices you see are retail.  Assuming 
you're as smart as I think you are, you're going to buy wholesale and pay 25% less.

Step 2.
Click here to set up your own account. That's it!

Last but not least...
There's an optional Loyalty Rewards Program you can set up for yourself, which is basically dōTERRA's frequent flyer program. This is where you can earn back points for every purchase you make, and use the points to "buy" free stuff. I get back 30% of every order I place in free product credit, plus I'm getting 25% off everything with wholesale prices. So I'm pretty much gaming the system and loving it, and you can, too!

Any questions?
Don't just sit there - ask me!

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