Hi I'm Jessica! I'm a recovering Emmy-nominated network news TV producer turned Certified Aromatherapist and essential oils advocate, which makes total sense because TV production to essential oils is the obvious path, right? I'm also a beauty and fashion junkie, a travel enthusiast and an eternal optimist. 

I'm a divorced mom of 2 and I have stories that could really be a sitcom. Or a book. Or reality TV, depending on who you ask. If I let my kids live through their teenage years, I'm sure they'll have more to add.  But I like to get through things with a smile on my face. I mean, seriously, sometimes there's no other option when you're dealing with some of the ridiculousness I've had the joy of experiencing.

I'd say my basic philosophies are laugh it off, let it go and karma's a b*tch. (Actually, if you want to be technical, karma's only a b*tch if you are.)

I live in New York City with my mostly well-behaved children. In my spare time I nap as often as possible. 

My goal with Be Hip and Healthy is to provide a source of inspiration for hip, healthy and happy living - everything from beauty and fashion to food and travel to fun ideas and ways you can use essential oils in your life.


Jess xo

P.S. Yes, you can call me Jess. But NOT Jessie. Not. Ever. 

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