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dōTERRA® product: Serenity

My Story

If you ask anyone who knows me to describe me, "hippie" is definitely not one of the words you'll hear. Honestly, I didn't believe in any of this stuff when it was first introduced to me (by my own sister!). But once I was willing to at least try it, dōTERRA's essential oils and products literally opened up a whole new life I never could have envisioned. Now I love helping people just like you find that life-changing moment of their own, often in unexpected but super simple ways!

I was the working mom who was cool on the outside, but frazzled and stressed on the inside. My hours were insane, my job was a total pressure-cooker, I never saw my kids. I was trying to do all the things, while my mind was constantly racing and I couldn't relax. I needed help getting more sleep, but also finding better alternatives for things like managing our family's allergies, and real options for all the everyday minor ailments without always running to the drugstore (plus who has the time?). Sound familiar?

Once I started using dōTERRA, I actually experienced that sense of calm I'd been craving and I could finally relax and sleep! I found amazingly effective ways to handle my family's health, and - bonus! - now everything in my home isn't totally toxic. And I can help YOU with these things, too!

​​​​​​​Scroll down to get started with my Healthy Habits Kit , and I'll teach you everything you need to know - plus it comes with a special FREE gift from me, which I promise you'll love! ❤️

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My Monthly Wellness Box

I love my monthly wellness boxes! See what's inside them and why I'm so obsessed . . .

What's In My Wellness Box?

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